About Delta Delta

Welcome to the Delta Delta chapter of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority!

Established at the University of Arkansas in 1957, Alpha Delta Pi is committed to sisterhood, philanthropy and scholarship. Delta Delta was the 100th chapter established internationally. Today, there are over 150 chapters throughout the United States and Canada.

Our open motto, "We live for each other" encompasses the foundation upon which our sorority was founded: our sisterhood. At Alpha Delta Pi, we pride ourselves in knowing that the friendships we make will last longer than our days at University of Arkansas; they will last a lifetime. We are a diverse group of women who make a difference in each other's lives, in the community, and on campus.

We treasure the history of our sisterhood and we invite you to browse through our pages! We hope you will learn about who we are and why our motto "First. Finest. Forever." reflects the pride we feel as members of Alpha Delta Pi.



International History

Founded on May 15, 1851 at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, GA, Alpha Delta Pi holds the distinction of being the first secret society in the world for collegiate women. The original name of Alpha Delta Pi was "The Adelphean Society", stemming from the Greek word "Adelphean" which means "sister." Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald founded Alpha Delta Pi along with five of her closest friends: Ella Pierce Turner, Octavia Andrew Rush, Elizabeth Williams Mitchell, Sophronia Woodruff Dews, and Mary Evans Glass.

These women, along with thirteen others, made up the first chapter of Wesleyan, which was the first college in the world chartered to grant degrees to women. They took their open motto, "We live for each other,” and developed a ritual, oath, and badge, which we still recognize through Alpha Delta Pi today. They also chose colors, azure blue and white, as further symbols of their ideals, as well as an official flower and mascot. The qualifications for membership have remained unchanged through the years - scholarship, high principles of behavior, and true friendships. Alpha Delta Pi celebrated 164 years of sisterhood in May 2014.

Quick Facts

Our Motto: "We Live For Each Other"


We're the Delta Delta chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at the University of Arkansas. But you can just call us "A-D-Pi" for short!


The Woodland Violet, which grows wild, is our official flower. Because it's unavailable for purchase, African Violets are often used.


Our official colors are azure blue and white. Blue is symbolic of friendship, and white symbolizes sincerity and truth.


Our official jewel is the diamond. That's why you'll see us making diamond shapes in photos. We're the "Delta Diamonds!"


The lion is the official mascot of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority. We've affectionately given him the nickname "Alphie!"


The offical symbol of Alpha Delta Pi is clasped hands, which represents both sisterhood and friendship.