Parents Club

Parents Club

When my daughter chose to attend University of Arkansas, one of the big factors influencing her decision was the active Greek Life at U of A.

She loved all of the large sorority houses and envisioned being able to live in a sorority house with her closest friends. As we prepared for recruitment by securing recommendation letters and letters of support, I knew that I wanted her to join a sorority where she would find lifelong friends and have an opportunity to be actively involved with the various facets of sorority life.

I had attended another university where I had pledged Alpha Delta Pi and was hoping that she would choose the First and the Finest sorority too. I was thrilled when she chose Alpha Delta Pi and became involved with activities such as Homecoming, Greek Sing and Variety Nights. She has served as an officer for the Delta Delta chapter and had the opportunity to live in the Pi Palace during her sophomore year.

When my daughter became an Alpha Delta Pi, I found myself with a renewed interest in becoming involved with the sorority and helping to support the Delta Delta chapter. I wanted to begin a place for parent’s to continue to be involved in a place their daughter loved so much.

The Parents Club is an opportunity for parents to stay involved with their daughter’s sorority and to help support the chapter. During our first year, we provided cookies from Rick’s Bakery and popcorn for final snacks in December and then had a sundae bar to celebrate the end of the spring semester. The Parents Club also provided Mom V with a gift card at the end of the year to thank her for the love and support that she provides all of our daughters. In addition, the Parents Club also donated money to chapter to assist with recruitment needs.

The Parents Club tries to keep parents connected by posting information and pictures about the various chapter activities and accomplishments that occur throughout the year. We have a Facebook Page that we welcome all parents to join.

Parents can join the Parents Club by paying annual dues of $35 which can be paid via Paypal at our email address which is Dues are used to provide the girls with final snacks and goodies for other holiday celebrations. As parents, you can choose to be involved with the Parents Club by donating your time or by paying dues so that we can provide fun activities or goodies for the girls throughout the year.

If you have any questions about Alpha Delta Pi or about the Parents Club, please feel free to contact me at


Michele Martinez
President of the Parents Club